Saturday, August 2, 2008

Invoiced $9,208.50 for shipping; baby sized clothing shipped; JSP_EXECUTION_FAILED when attempting to sign into website

Dear J Crew,

Re. my recent order:
1. Invoiced for $9208.50 in shipping charges. Scan of invoice attached.
2. Baby sized shirts shipped. I ordered men's medium sized polo shirts. (Size M as in the invoice). Photo attached.
3. Cannot sign into website, JSP_EXECUTION_FAILED, screenshot attached.

I would like to
1) Return the shirts for a refund - they are completely the wrong size.
2) Not be charged $9,208 for shipping
3) Not have to use the website to do this, as I can't log in

Can you reply to my email at as soon as possible? I am worried about my credit card being charged for the incorrect shipping cost.


Invoice with $9,208.50 shipping charge
Photo of baby size shirts shipped (I wanted M-medium men's size)
JSP_EXECUTION_FAILED error when signing into website